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www.telltims.com – tell tims is an American fast-food restaurant this is a very famous and very good restaurant receiving lots of positive reviews from the customers there is a total more than 2000 branches the number of employees was 5000 till 2019 after that time the number of employees has been increased.

This restaurant is very good and famous for Chinese dishes like Chinese lollipops and all other dishes related Chinese in this owner of this restaurant was decided to purchase at Church and in April 1991 the company was bankrupted because the company was going in-laws so the owner of this restaurant was not able to fill the loans and all the things which required in the restaurant so as a result the company was corrupted and 1992 the court was told that the group of this company creative will be corrupted as a result the restaurant will be closed.


Again the owner of this company has decided to make a new branch so they decided to open a franchise development plan including 26 new restaurants in Australia Italy is the sea and on other places…

as seen their all the positive reviews were getting from the customers so the owner of this restaurant has decided to open some international branches also by international branches they are also able to get the reviews from international persons and customer.

description of many types of dishes related to Chinese like Chinese sandwiches Chinese burger Chinese fried and all other things. Whenever you fill the form you will get a chance to win an exciting gift hamper or also a free meal for 1 month. 

Some importance point

As we know that every company requires some rules and regulations which you have to follow, all the regulations are very important to show the person who followed these rules and regulations that you are eligible to fill the forms. 

  • first rules and regulations are to fill the survey form you must have and citizenship of American then you are eligible to fill the form
  • second, you have to take a receipt along with you whenever you are trying to fill the form because it is very important as we know that there is a 12 digit code number which you have to fit in the survey form because it is meant entry and with the help of that number only write in a table to fill the form and they are eligible to see that from which branch and which you are filling the form
  • after doing all these things you have to provide your email id and phone number correctly it is mandatory to put your mail id and phone number in the server form so you have to put your two phone numbers.
  • if there is any mistake inform whenever you try to fill the form then they will only contact you through phone number or mail ID so on which tries to give correct details regarding
  • You will also give some suggestions if you send the suggestion the restaurant will appreciate your suggestion of a future required then they will also accept your suggestions
  • after giving all the details and providing all the things necessary view will click the next button after that there is one shot of a question available. Try to answer that question. If you are like a customer then you will get a chance of a free meal for 1 month or a gift voucher.

The Luckiest person will contact through mail ID or phone number the luckiest person will get a chance to win the jackpot. The computer will randomly select a luckiest customer.

Some steps are required to fill the form and how we can fill the form.

to fill the form it is required to follow some steps and very easy if you are a new customer and don’t know how to fill the form here we are going to explain all the things in detail after that you don’t feel any doubt…

  • To fill the form there are some terms and conditions you have to visit our official website and then there is one video available. After seeing that video you will be able to get how to fill the form in detail.
  • After that, there is one link available kindly go and open that link on the link a new page will be open which contain some question and answer all the questions 
  • Then click the all submit button by this process you can easily fill the form

yeah, I have provided all the details regarding how to fill the form and what are the terms and conditions if you still want to know some more knowledge about the famous dish.


  • How we can fill the survey form

We can easily fill the survey form by going to the official website in ever we have provided all the details like how you can fill the form and what is the eligibility criteria if you still want to get how to fill the form that in you can easily visit that site and see the process is very easy to point of the method is required anyone can fill the form easy and correctly.

  • What gift hamper will we get after filling the form

after filling the form you will get some exciting gift offers like you will get a chance to win a free meal for 1 month which is the jackpot will also get a chance for free coffee BOGO offer free kids meal field at a discount on the meal so so always be positive and try to fill the server for buy this you will also get a chance to win a jackpot.

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