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www.firehouselistens.com – Firehouse Subs is offering a mind-blowing chance to their regular and repeating customers, where just a contest-participation can make them win an amazing cash reward completely free.

This is basically their customer satisfaction survey program available at www.firehouselistens.com, which is designed with a set of questions regarding their service, food and store experiences. 

Customers have to answer them all as they felt during their visit. This will profoundly help them to bring necessary changes into their service, atmosphere as well as food to cater them well in future. 


And the best part about this survey is you can do it without a single purchase and also be eligible for its monthly sweepstakes. The winner of which will be awarded with a $500 cash reward completely free.

Below we have made a detailed guide regarding the Firehouse Subs Listens survey, its requirements, criteria and other useful information in a simple way for your convenience.

Therefore, without further delay, let us begin.

Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Participation Procedures

Firehouse Subs has kept their portal very simple for their customers. Eligible recent visitors need the Firehouse Subs sales receipt and a Smartphone to complete the survey successfully. 

On the portal, they have to answer some questions honestly to be eligible to attain its decent sweepstakes. Below we have made a detailed guideline on it.

Have a look –

  • Visit the official Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction survey portal at www.firehouselistens.com from your internet browser.
  • On reaching the page, choose your invitation type.
    • Here you can change your survey language as well.
  • Now on the next page, provide the Validation Code and Total Sum Amount collected from your latest Firehouse Subs sales receipt.
  • Next, click on the ‘Start’ button to begin the survey.
  • On the next page, you’ll get a set of questions on your screen.
  • The questions will be based on your recent Firehouse Subs visit and experiences.
  • They are like Firehouse Subs location, order, menu, food, pricing, ambiance, hygiene, hospitality and others.
  • You have to rate them as honestly as possible.
  • When you are done, provide your contact details like name, address, contact number and email address in the requisites fields.
  • Finally, submit the answer to complete the survey.

Now your Firehouse Subs survey has been done. Automatically, a text message will appear on your screen informing your successful survey. You’ll also get an entry into their monthly sweepstakes. Winner of which can make some valuable cash at the end of the monthly drawings.

Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Terms & Conditions

There are few conditions available for the Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction online survey. All these are mandatory to acknowledge for the participants who are willing to take this study.

They are –

  • Firehouse Subs guest satisfaction survey is open for the permanent residents of the United States and Canadian citizens only.
  • At least 16 years old or above can conduct this study.
  • Purchase is not mandatory for this survey. 
  • Firehouse Subs invoice is must for the online mode of study.
  • The study should be made within 7-days of visit.
  • Firehouse Subs survey participants will get automatic entry into their monthly sweepstakes program.
  • Winners will be decided randomly.
  • Winners of which will be awarded with a $500 cash prize at the end of every month’s drawings.
  • They will be contacted via their registered number or email address for collecting the reward.
  • Regardless of entry methods, there is a limit of one survey per month.
  • You can take the survey also without a necessary purchase through the mail-in method.
  • Firehouse Subs survey is void outside the United States, Puerto Rico and other territories where prohibited by local laws.
  • Firehouse Subs employees, relatives or sponsors of these sweepstakes are ineligible for it.

Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey Requirements

Things you should need to conduct the Firehouse Subs Guest satisfaction survey are here we mentioned below.

Have a look –

  • Firehouse Subs Restaurant Sales Invoice.
  • Desktop Computer, Laptop or Smartphone.
  • Active Internet Connection.
  • Web Browser.
  • Proficient Knowledge in English or Spanish.
  • Basic Contact Details
  • Email Address.
Official Name Firehouse Subs Guest Satisfaction Survey
Reward $500 Cash Reward
Purchase Necessary Yes
Survey Method Online, Mail
Eligible Citizen   United States, Canada
Survey Language English, Spanish
Survey URL www.firehouselistens.smg.com/usa 

About Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs is an American restaurant chain, founded by the former firefighter brothers Chris and Robin Sorensen. In their early days, they had taken various initiatives to come into the restaurant business. Finally, they opened their first store in Jacksonville, Florida in 1994. And within a few years its mouth-watering dishes and honest pricing had taken them under the spotlight.

Firehouse Subs restaurant chain is unique for their menus. Items like Submarine Sandwiches, Salads, Subs and other seasonal items are known for their exquisites’ tastes. Presently, they operate in more than 1200 locations around the United States, Canada, Mexico and various other countries with decent success. 

Final Words

Firehouse Subs Listens customer satisfaction survey is one of the effective ways to communicate with their customers. It helps them to collect, organize and manage their service in a very easy way to cater their customers’ demands. 

Above we have conversed with you all the possible details regarding their online survey in a simple way for your assistance. Though if you face any issue regarding this survey, please tell us below in the comment section. 

We’ll try to sort them out as early as possible.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of Firehouse Listens survey?

Ans: Firehouse Listens is an online survey program of the Firehouse Subs group of restaurants. This is primarily a service improvement program, where they attempt to maintain their service by collecting their customers’ genuine opinion through this study, in order to serve them best during their future visit.

  • What are the modes available for the Firehouse Subs survey?

Ans: You can do it in Two-ways, either online or offline over the mail-in mode.

  •  Who is the age required to take this study?

Ans: At least 16-years of age or above American and Canadian citizens can take this study.

  • How to participate in the Firehouse Listens survey-sweepstakes without a purchase?

Ans: You can also conduct the Firehouse Subs survey without a restaurant purchase or invoice. Here is the ways to follow –

  • Collect a postcard or 3”x5” card and write down your full name, full address, contact number, age on it.
  • Then through a business-size envelope, send it to this following address with proper date and postage at – Firehouse “Customer Survey” Sweepstakes, P.O Box – 428, Macedon NY 14502-0428.
  • Now wait for a few days to know the contest result.
  • What is the Firehouse sweepstakes reward?

Ans: Winners of the Firehouse monthly sweepstakes winners will be awarded with a $500 cash reward right after the drawings.

Firehouse Subs Helpdesk

  • Phone: 1-888-289-6185 [Mon – Sat, 10.35Am – 10.00 Pm]
  • Email: rewards@firehousesubs.com 
  • Website: www.firehousesubs.com
  • Survey Portal: www.firehouselistens.smg.com/usa
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/firehousesubs 
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/firehousesubs 
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/TheFirehouseSubs 

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