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www.bagelexperience.com – Bagel is a famous bread product which is famous in Poland. It is traditionally shaped in ring form and it is very tasty this dish is famous in Central Europe eastern North America Israel.

This dish was made in green form and the process is first you have to boil it for a short time in water and then after you have to bake it the result is dense and very tasty this dish is earlier known as a boil then bake after that this was named as baigan it is a ring-shaped bread and mainly founded in 13 century.


This was first originated in 1610 in a Jewish community in Poland and now are there this is famous in North America Poland especially in the city which is enlarged rabies populations.

the shape of this is as we know that it is a ring-shaped having a hole in mid and the advantage of this dish is it can easily be cooked and bake. in 1937 became very famous in New York the people start accepting this decision and after that in New York, this was also gone highlighted.

Nowadays the similar combinations of topping was similar to beg girls which is in the 21st century in the US.

Some importance point

As we know that every company requires some rules and regulations which you have to follow, all the regulations are very important to show the person who followed these rules and regulations that you are eligible to fill the forms. 

  • first rules and regulations are to fill the survey form you must have and citizenship of American then you are eligible to fill the form
  • second, you have to take a receipt along with you whenever you are trying to fill the form because it is very important as we know that there is a 12 digit code number which you have to fit in the survey form because it is meant entry and with the help of that number only write in a table to fill the form and they are eligible to see that from which branch and which you are filling the form
  • after doing all these things you have to provide your email id and phone number correctly it is mandatory to put your mail id and phone number in the server form so you have to put your two phone numbers.
  • if there is any mistake inform whenever you try to fill the form then they will only contact you through phone number or mail ID so on which tries to give correct details regarding
  • You will also give some suggestions if you send the suggestion the restaurant will appreciate your suggestion of a future required then they will also accept your suggestions
  • after giving all the details and providing all the things necessary view will click the next button after that there is one shot of a question available. Try to answer that question. If you are like a customer then you will get a chance of a free meal for 1 month or a gift voucher.

The Luckiest person will contact through mail ID or phone number the luckiest person will get a chance to win the jackpot. The computer will randomly select a luckiest customer.

Some steps are required to fill the form and how we can fill the form.

to fill the form it is required to follow some steps and very easy if you are a new customer and don’t know how to fill the form here we are going to explain all the things in detail after that you don’t feel any doubt…

  • To fill the form there are some terms and conditions you have to visit our official website and then there is one video available. After seeing that video you will be able to get how to fill the form in detail.
  • After that, there is one link available kindly go and open that link on the link a new page will be open which contain some question and answer all the questions 
  • Then click the all submit button by this process you can easily fill the form

yeah, I have provided all the details regarding how to fill the form and what are the terms and conditions if you still want to know some more knowledge about the famous dish.


  • Why is this dish so famous?

As we know, this is very famous because it is easy to make and no tough method is required for making these dishes. It is made only with the help of bread and the design was also very nice. The advantage of eating this dish is it is very tasty and good for health

  • How was this dish made?

This dish is made by Bread and by boiling method.

  • Who was the founder of this dish?

This dish was created by the Jewish communities of Poland.

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