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VSAngelcard.Com – Victoria’s Secret, the famous American Lingerie and Fashion brand, also has a credit card on its sleeves. A subsidiary of L Brands, the credit card goes by the name of Victoria card. The Victoria card gets much of its competition from Gap and Lane Bryant’s cards.

If you are an ardent fan of Victoria’s Secret and spend wholeheartedly on your Lingeries and beauty items, you won’t regret reading this article. Starting with the card’s benefits, we will discuss the overall benefits, drawbacks and everything else you need to know before applying for Victoria’s Secret credit card.



Benefits and Rewards:

Overall, there are three different types of rewarding categories, namely, Basic, Silver and Gold. All these categories show the total amount of money spent within one program year. Each cardholder starts on the Basic level. However, the program year begins on February 1st and ends on January 31st next year. For upgrading to Victoria card Silver level, cardholders need to spend at least $250 in a program year. VSAngelcard.Com While upgrading from Silver to Gold status, one needs to spend a minimum of $500. Each category has its points rewarding system. All cardholders earn one point for the spending of each dollar at Victoria’s website and their store as well as PINK stores across the U.S.

Basic Level in Victoria’s card

For the Basic level of Victoria card, all cardholders earn Triple points for purchasing all bra types. Cardholders are also eligible for the free shipping of orders above $50. Apart from that, they also get one triple point day according to their choice. Irrespective of their level, every cardholder also receives a $10 bonus on their birthday. Last but least, for the basic level cardholders, another perk of $10 can be used on future purchases.

Silver level in Victoria’s card

The second level of cardholders is the Silver level, in which cardholders earn the same points as Basic cardholders on every purchase. However, there are some additional benefits like a half-birthday treat of $10, which is other than the $10 birthday bonus, which is the same for all cardholders irrespective of their level. Cardholders in this level also get a 15%discount on their account opening anniversary.

Gold level in Victoria’s card

The ultimate level is Gold level in Victoria’s credit card. Cardholders can upgrade to this level by spending a minimum of $500 or earning 500 points. Apart From the usual $10 birthday treat, Gold members also get another $15 half birthday treat and an additional 20% discount on their account opening anniversary.


Where to use the Victoria’s card

The victoria card is issued by the Comenity Bank and can be used to purchase at Victoria’s website VSAngelcard.Com or their walk-in store or Pink store. While cardholders earn points for buying at these stores, they can also use the card at Bath & Bodyworks but won’t make the reward points. In simple words, Victoria’s cards work best for the regular users of their product.

Type of credit required for the Victoria card

  • The Applicant must be a resident of the USA.
  • Have a valid U.S. government-issued photo id.
  • Cardholders must have a U.S. social security level.

The Comenity bank also verifies the cardholder’s personal information and credit score before approving the card to a potential cardholder. The credit limit for victoria cards generally depends upon the user’s credit history. However, store credit cards are a lot easier to get than general-use credit cards.

Terms and Conditions

Like most other store-owned credit cards, it also charges heavy interest rates. The APR or annual percentage rate is 24.99%. However, the APRs are variable and depend on the prime interest rate. The one good thing is if the cardholder clears their entire debt by the due date each month, there will be no interest. Cardholders get 25 days each month for paying off their debt after the close of each billing cycle. Victoria card also has no annual fee like most other store cards; however, there are fines for returned and late payments. The late penalty is as high as $40, and the fine for returned charges can go up to $25. These late fines can also damage the cardholders’ credit cards. So, the cardholders must refer to cardholder agreements for the full details and terms for the full details.


Who should opt for the Victoria card?

If you are a regular store visitor and have a high sense of loyalty for the Victoria’s secret or pink store, you must go for Victoria’s Secret card. The cardholders also get special discounts according to their level.

Pros of the Victoria card

  • Triple points on bras.
  • Triple points days every year.
  • Free shipping on orders above $50.
  • Birthday gift every year.
  • Invitations to exclusive events throughout the year.
  • Easy to get if having a good credit score.

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Cons of the Victoria card

  • High rate of fines.
  • Poor customer support
  • In some cases, some cardholders have also reported their credit limit drastically reduced.

How to get most of your Victoria’s credit card

  • Use at your shopping at Victoria’s Secret shopping: Cardholders can 3X points on your bra purchase and 1X points on all other non-bra purchases from Victoria’s website and their store VSAngelcard.Com.
  • Choose your triple point days: Cardholders each year get from one to three triple points days according to their card spending.
  • Agree to the marketing emails: Cardholders can submit their email id, which will let them receive a newsletter from Victoria’s. Sometimes these newsletters come with special offers and discounts.
  • Use gift cards before they expire: Once you reach 250 points, you will receive Victoria’s Secret gift card in your mailbox. However, these gift cards come with a 90 days validity, So, don’t forget to use it before it expires.
  • Refer to FAQs: If you have any other questions related to Victoria’s Secret’s credit card, you can refer to their FAQ page https://www.victoriassecret.com/angel-card-frequently-asked-questions.

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