www.talktoregal.com – Take the Regal Survey – Win $100 Rewards

www.talktoregal.com – What makes us excited for Sunday? Yes, movies and imagine on a Sunday you are chilling with your close ones with a tub of cheese popcorn and voila! you get the opportunity to win $100. Are you excited? so follow our post carefully as we guide you through the Regal Survey.

There are movie theatres and there are Regal Cinemas which has been operating for the last three decades in the USA and promises to come up with unique ways to provide luxury and comfort to the audience as much as possible.

www.talktoregal.com – Win $100 Rewards

TalktoRegal - Take the Regal Survey - Win $100 Rewards

TalktoRegal – Win $100 Rewards

However, it becomes quite difficult for them to know exactly what do you need? So, they have developed the www.TalkToRegal.com their official site where you can provide your opinion and rate their services and provide effective feedback.

Regal Cinemas also values their customers who take the opportunity to provide their opinion and rate their services thereby providing them with the opportunity to win $100.

So let’s guide you with the basic rules and requirements for the TalkToRegal Survey and how you can participate in the survey to get the exclusive opportunity to win $100. Follow the procedure carefully as we guide you through it

The basic requirements are really important for the survey. So, let’s check them out

Requirements for the survey

  • As the survey can be taken only online, you will be requiring an electronic device like a PC, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone with a reliable and genuine internet connection.
  • You should be at least 18 or more to take the survey as you have to enter the birth date while filling up the survey, make sure you enter you right age as it will be verified later by the authorities.
  • It would be better if you have a basic understanding of either English or Spanish as the survey can be taken in only these two languages.
  • You should have recently visited the Regal Cinemas so as to take the survey. Your purchase receipt is mandatory to take the survey.

TalktoRegal - Take the Regal Survey - Win $100 Rewards

You can also take the survey via mail without any purchase, for these the requirements are

  • For this, you need to have a handwritten postcard which contains your name, address, city, state and phone number.
  • Then the following postcard should be mailed to the following address
  • Regal Entertainment Group, 7132 Regal Lane Knoxville TN 37918ATTN: Marketing

As you are now aware of the requirements that you should possess to complete let’s check out some rules and restrictions to ensure that you are eligible to participate in the survey

Rules for the survey

  • You cannot take the survey if you not a resident of USA. Also, the survey is not available in states and territories like Hawaii, Maine, Alaska and Puerto Rico where it is restricted.
  • Any employees, managers, board of directors or CEO cannot take part in the Talk to Regal survey. If you have a stake in Regal Cinemas you won’t be allowed other than conditions specified.
  • If you win the gift card it can’t be redeemed for cash and can only be used in a registered Regal Outlet.

Now as you are quite aware of the rules and regulations lets take you through how you can participate in the survey and get the exclusive $100 gift card.

How to participate in the survey

  • Firstly, either you can enter the survey by a purchase receipt for which you need to make a purchase from Regal Cinemas or you can enter the survey via mail.
  • Then either type TalkToRegal on your search browser or click on the following link TalkToRegal.com
  • Then you have to select your language, your options are English and Spanish
  • Then type in your email ID in the box provided and press enter
  • After that you will be asked to provide the survey access code, (for example 181090909090, note this is for example purpose only), you will find this on your recent Regal purchase receipt.
  • After this, the main survey page will be displayed, answer and rate their services according to your recent experience. You can also put a complaint or raise any issue that you might have felt while visiting Regal Cinemas.
  • Now you are almost done as you need to enter your personal details like name, address, phone number for winning the gift card. Don’t worry your personal details are absolutely safe with Regal cinemas so you don’t need to worry regarding privacy concerns.


Hurray ! you are done, now you have to just wait whether you are the lucky winner of the $100 gift card, please note it will take atleast about a week to display the results of the TalkToRegal survey draw.

TalktoRegal - Take the Regal Survey - Win $100 Rewards

Now let’s get to know about Regal Cinemas in details:

About Regal

Regal Cinemas was established in 1989 in Titusville Florida. It is headquartered in Knoxville Tennessee headed by its CEO Mike Campbell. Just after its establishment, it started gaining widespread popularity since it was much better than the theatres around it. Since the early days, Regal Cinemas had made quite a mark and had acquired a few other minor theatres. In 1998 it acquired Act III Theatres which was a major merger. Currently Regal is present in about 570 locations throughout the United States of America.

The www.TalkToRegal.comgives you an exclusive opportunity to you so that you can rate their services and also get an exclusive opportunity to win a $100 gift card.

You may still have doubt so go through the FAQs which may answer some of your doubts:

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FAQs Regal Survey

  • What is the alternative website that I can use to enter the TalktoRegal survey?

The alternative website to enter the Regal Group’s Survey is www.regalsurvey.com

  • How many gift cards can be awarded each month?

Only 1 Gift Card worth $100 will be awarded each month

  • Which entry method has a higher chance of winning online or mail?

Both methods have an equal chance of winning the draw.

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So, go ahead take the TalktoRegal survey and get the opportunity to win a $100 gift card.


Regal Entertainment Group

101 E. Blount Ave.

Knoxville, TN 37920

Phone: 1 (877) 835-5734

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