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Jacklistens.com – Hamburgers and tacos are a superb combo for a brunch. Imagine the delicious hamburger with free tacos, exciting right? Yes, now you can enjoy this delicious meal just by taking the Jack in The Box Survey.



Jack in The Box believes in providing their customers the best quality products and services. However, with the increasing tendency of the customers to change their preferences, it is difficult to keep track. Hence Jack in the Box has their online Jack in the Box Survey, which is available at JackListens.com. It is an online questionnaire which you can answer on the basis of your experience at Jack in The Box like the food and services provided by the company.

This gives a major impetus to their feedback process and helps in serving you better with their products and services and enhancing your experience. Well Jack in the box understands that you are taking your time from your busy schedule to improve their products and services, on completing the survey you get the exclusive coupon to win two free tacos. Sounds interesting right?

So, let us dive in and check the details so that you can get those delicious tacos for free.

Requirements for Jack In The Box Survey

You need to follow some requirements to participate in the Jack In The Box survey and get two free tacos.

  • Firstly, the requirement is of a purchase, so make sure you visit a nearby Jack In The Box store
  • Once you have the recent purchase invoice, keep it safely as it will be required for the 14-digit survey code printed on it before you begin your survey.
  • You would need an electronic device like Laptop, PC, mobile phone with a reliable and stable internet connection.
  • The survey can be taken in either English or Spanish language.
  • You should be at least 18 years old to take the survey.
  • You must have a valid Email Id to receive the coupon code.
  • You will require about five to ten minutes to complete the Jack In The Box survey.

Along with the basic requirements, you need to be quite aware about the basic rules and regulations.

jack in the box restaurant

Rules for Jack In The Box Customer Satisfaction Survey

The rules and restrictions play a significant role in checking whether you are eligible to take the survey.

  • The survey is not available for Jack in The Box company staff or the company associates. So, don’t put false information as the authorities will take immediate strict action.
  • The receipt is valid only for three after your purchase, so take the survey within the stipulated time as the survey won’t be available prior to that.
  • The survey is only available for the legal citizens of United States of America.
  • The coupon code is available for a discounted product or a free product, i.e., those delicious free tacos, so you can’t exchange it for cash.
  • The coupon code is valid for only seven days, so don’t miss to use the coupon within seven days of taking the survey.
  • The survey entry is one per person per receipt.

As you are now aware of the rules and regulations and wondering ‘how to take part in the survey?’, keep reading.

Jack survey

How can I participate in the Jack in the Box Customer Satisfaction Survey?

We have listed the following steps for you, please go through it carefully and you would easily be able to complete the survey.

  • Step 1: At first, go to any of your nearest Jack in The Box and make a purchase; please keep the purchase receipt carefully as it contains the essential survey and your ticket to two delicious free tacos
  • Step 2: Then go to your web browser and search for Jack In The Box Customer Satisfaction Survey, or you can directly click on this link jacklistens.com
  • Step 3: You will land on their home page, where you have to first enter your preferred language and then enter the 14-digit survey code when the dialog box appears; Don’t worry; you will be able to find them on your receipt easily.
  • Step 4: Now, after putting on the essential details, press the “NEXT” button to begin the survey.
  • Step 5: As you will be done with this ,you have to answer some questions which will appear on the screen, where you have to rate or comment on the quality of the product, how efficient the service was provided, sanitation and hygiene level, and behavior of the support staff. Answer it properly.
  • Step 6: After all this, correctly enter your personal information like name, Email ID, phone number to get survey coupon code. Relax, Jack in The Box keeps your personal information safe, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy issues.
  • Step 7: Great! You have completed the survey, and you will receive the exclusive coupon code on your screen.
  • Step 8:Please be careful that you keep the code safely and redeem the code within the stipulated time i.e., seven days, as it’s only legally valid until then.

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Secret Survey Hack for Jack in The Box

  • The secret survey hacks most people are unaware of is that the survey can be taken unlimited number of times; so unlimited free tacos.
  • Well, every time you eat at Jack In The Box you can actually take the survey and receive the two free tacos every time.

Now, as you are aware of the rules and requirements, let’s get to know more about Jack In The Box

Jack in the box

About Jack in The Box

Jack in the box is an American fast food restaurant chain found in the year February 21, 1951 by Robert O Peterson in San Diego California where its headquarters lie. Now, I know most of you thought that probably someone named Jack found it, but well that’s not the case. The chain is currently located in about 2000 areas, primarily in the west coast of USA.

Their favorite delicacies include hamburgers, chicken tenders, French fries, cheeseburgers and also tacos and egg rolls.

So, if you are happening to visit Jack in the box take a hamburger, do the survey and then come back again to enjoy the hamburgers and tacos and have a happy munching experience.

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Contact-Details of Jack in The Box

Mailing Address

9330 Balboa Ave San DiegoCaliforniaUnited States – 92123-1516

Phone Numbers:

  • +1 858 522 4716
  • +1 858 571 2121

Online Contact Form

  • https://www.jackinthebox.com/contact

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