IT Chapter 3 – 2022 Release Date, Storyline, Cast and Trailer


Is IT Chapter 3 finally being released after the second chapter’s three-year wait? You can still hope for a third part even though the prospects are slim! Why? Find out by continuing to read!

Release of Chapter Three of IT


IT Chapter 3 – 2022 Release Date, Storyline, Cast and Trailer

IT Chapter 3 has not received any comment from Andy Muschietti. So it seems improbable that there will be a third chapter.

The likelihood is also extremely low because the preceding two portions of the tale discussed the topic in great detail. There is no longer anything important to discuss. Which places us in a limbo.

However, it won’t come as a surprise if Warner Bros. also announces the third instalment given the franchise’s large fan following and successful first two instalments.

Since there is now no filming schedule due to the movie’s lack of a green light, it is currently impossible to determine when the third instalment will be released. But if it starts production in 2022, then plan on it being released in 2023 or possibly later.

The first chapter of IT debuted in 2017 and became a big success. In 2019, the second chapter was released, and it was a similarly popular film. So, certainly, the viewership figures support only a threequel if the group is willing to come back!


In the first and second IT movies, the cast underwent significant changes. Does that imply a different cast of actors will appear in the third season? First off, there is no official cast roster because the third instalment has not yet been confirmed. Which means we have no leads to follow.

Additionally, because the first two instalments were based on Stephen King’s novels, we already knew which actors would play the new characters and who would play them.

As previously said, the plot has been effectively summarised, and there is no longer anything of interest to explore.

The only way the franchise can currently continue is by using a whole new plot, or it might tell us the truth origin! In that situation, the cast will undoubtedly change. However, there is a good likelihood that the same characters will appear in IT Chapter 3 given the franchise was heavily promoted by its stellar ensemble.

The availability of the actors for filming will also determine whether the same cast will return. Only at that point will a choice be made. The Losers Club and their escapades have been the focus of the first two parts.

Also expected to move in the same direction is spacing of a third. But if you watched the final scene of IT, you must be aware of what happened.

The Losers Club’s pals were all slaughtered! Therefore, there is no chance for the original cast to appear in the third instalment. However, Pennywise may play the protagonist in the third instalment, freeing up a role for Bill Skarsgard.

But how will he fit into a new part? Well, that will be revealed in the film! So, the only thing we can do right now is wait.

Additionally, since there have been so little updates regarding the cast of IT’s third chapter, all of the information above was solely based on our predictions.

Plot of IT Chapter 3

The first two chapters have discussed the topics found in IT novels. Therefore, a screenplay for the third movie will need to be written separately if it is to be released.

This implies that until we receive a formal plot summary for IT Chapter 3, all we have are fan ideas.

In a previous interview, Andy, the film’s creator, said that IT Chapter 3 might examine a totally different horrifying idea.

This implies that the new movie’s main focus will be a brand-new story with a totally fresh cast of characters. And who knows, perhaps all of our Losers Club members are healthy and alive in a parallel universe!


IT Chapter 3 does not have an official trailer, trailer video, or teaser. This is due to the fact that the threequel was never officially acknowledged.

Either false reports or rumours were being spread. It is preferable to not harbour any hopes because the likelihood that we will receive a third component is exceedingly remote.

However, assuming everything goes according to plan, you can anticipate seeing the trailer 2 to 3 months prior to the third part’s scheduled release.

If there are any significant updates, we’ll keep updating this post. Therefore, remember to bookmark this website!

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