Inside Out 2 Cast, Expected Release Date, Plot and Trailer

Inside Out 2 is going to bring the world of emotions to life once more, and that will be amazing. And Riley’s return has fans all around the world giddy with anticipation.

The American animated film Inside Out has become incredibly popular and is full of humour and adventure. Inside Out 1 actually achieved an IMDB rating of 8.2 out of 10 due to its suitability for audiences of all ages.

Additionally, part 1 was made available on May 18, 2015. On June 19, 2015, a short film called Lava was released in response to Inside Out.

Fans adored the movie mostly because to its subject, idea, and storyline. The film has won a number of accolades, including the Golden Globe Award.

Inside Out 2 is now a movie that fans want to watch in a theatre. To ensure that you are all ready for the sequel, we have given you all the information before to the film’s premiere.


Inside Out 2 Cast, Expected Release Date, Plot and

TrailerRelease date for Inside Out

Sadly, Inside Out 2’s release date has not yet been announced by the film’s makers. However, rumours claim that the film won’t hit theatres until the second half of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

We will have to wait for an official Pixar announcement before we have a firm release date.


Cast members of Inside Out 2

As an animated film, Inside Out 2 will feature a variety of performers who will contribute their voices to make the characters come to life. In the second act of the film, the original cast members will return to their roles.

The actors who will be providing the voices for the characters in Inside are listed below.

As Riley, Kaitlyn Dias
Dad with Kyle MacLachlan
Mom in Diane Lane

As Joy, Amy Poehler

Sadness as Phyllis Smith

Fear by Bill Hader

As Bing Bong, Richard Kind

As Fritz, John Ratzenberger

Disgusting Mindy Kaling

Helicopter pilot Carlos Alazraqui

Cop Flea as a Mind Worker Jake

As Jangles, Josh Cooley

As Forgetter, Paula Poundstone Paula

As Anger, Lewis Black

Dave Goelz plays Frank the Unconscious Guard.

Subconscious Guard Dave, played by Frank Oz

Forgetter, played by Bobby Moynihan Bobby

Mom’s Anger and Paula Pell as the ideal director

Peter Sagal as Joy of the Clown

Rashida Jones as the feelings of the Cool Girl

These are a few of the voice actors for Inside Out 2’s characters. There may, however, be some new characters in this film. And we’ll let you know their names as soon as we learn them.

Plot of Inside Out 2

The “Puberty” button may be seen at the conclusion of the first film. We can infer from this that Riley will mature in Inside Out 2. This time around, we will also witness her emotions as they change inside the corporate office.

Various characters will enter Riley’s World during this period. Only 5 of the 26 emotions were reportedly picked for the first film. Consequently, Inside Out 2 may feature the remaining the emotions entering and adding ups and downs to Riley’s life.

In the Inside Out sequel, we may observe passion, remorse, regret, hope, shame, and envy. Seeing all the fresh feelings in this film will be fascinating.


The animated film’s trailer hasn’t yet been made public. And it most likely won’t until a publication date has been formally established.

In its quest to win the audience’s hearts, Inside out has garnered a lot of favourable evaluations. Let’s hope that the sequel lives up to the original film. Inside Out 2 will be updated if we learn of any new information.


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