Warrior Nun Season 2 Is All Set To Release

In the 2020 summer, “Warrior Nun” made its Netflix debut. It delivers to the screens of the community of binge-watchers an epic conflict between angels and devils.


Warrior Nun Season 2 Is All Set To Release

There were many unanswered issues for the audience after Season 1’s thrilling cliffhanger. The second season of Warrior Nun has just finished filming and will soon be available on Netflix.

In 2022, Netflix will officially release it worldwide. An updated guide to Warrior Nun season 2 information is provided here.

A Ben Dun comic book series and the fictional Warrior Nun Areala served as the inspiration for the fantasy-drama series Warrior Nun on Netflix.

The same group that produced Game of Thrones also developed Warrior Nun under Simon Barry’s direction. It was like a gift from the gods when Warrior Nun appeared on Netflix.


Ava Silva, a 19-year-old whose life is flipped upside down, is the centre of the story. When she emerges from a coma in a mortuary with an artefact stuck in her spine and a surprising new set of abilities.

She is then accepted into an ancient order of warrior nuns tasked with protecting Earth from evil not long after. The most recent Buffy/Daredevil crossover is explained in detail here.

Warrior 9 Season 2’s renewal

fantastic news Ava and the other sisters will undoubtedly appear again soon. Netflix has formally announced the continuation of “Warrior Nun Season 2”! The first episode of the series will debut on Netflix on July 2, 2020.

When deciding whether to renew a show, Netflix generally waits at least 30 days. Netflix, on the other hand, prioritised the show’s audience over other factors, which led to the renewal.

In its first 30 days on the service, “Warrior Nun” was the third most watched TV show on Netflix. In Brazil, the Netherlands, and New Zealand, Warrior Nun topped the charts.

It came in at number six in the US and number four in the UK. The second season of “Warrior Nun” surpassed Unsolved Mysteries at its height in the US.

When Will “Warrior NunSecond “‘s Season Be Released?

Warrior Nun fans, rejoice. Less than a month after the first season’s release, season two is on the way, with more episodes promised. Unfortunately, as of December 2021, we do not know the release date because Netflix has not yet provided an official release date.


Simon Barry, the show’s creator, claims that the editing and filming were recently completed on November 3, 2021. Given everything, it’s likely that we’ll receive an update on the release date of the episodes in the first half of 2022.

Who Is in the Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast?

Major Cast Members Should Recur in Their Roles Thekla Reuten portrays Jillian Salvius, Lorena Andrea plays Sister Lilith, Kristina Tonteri-Young plays Sister Beatrice, Tristan Ulloa plays Father Vincent, and Sylvia De Fanti portrays Mother Superiorion. Alba Baptista plays Ava Silva.

Three further cast members had been added, it was confirmed in October 2021. Yasmine Amunet is portrayed by Meena Rayann, Miguel is portrayed by Jack Mullarkey, and Cardinal William Foster is portrayed by Richard Clothier.

Playing Ava Silva is Alba Baptista

Without Alba Baptista, who plays Ava Silva, Warrior Nun Season 2 wouldn’t be complete. The Portuguese actress served as the show’s creator, and since season two is soon to arrive, it stands to reason that many of the other well-known characters will also be back.

Emilio Sakraya made a significant presence in the first half of season one before JC and Ava broke up, therefore he might appear in upcoming episodes.

As Adriel, William Miller

Adriel, the fictional angel who started it all, will likely be played once more by William Miller. It would be unusual to overlook him moving forward since he was exposed as the main antagonist at the end of season one.

Keep in mind that even deceased characters could reemerge as a result of flashbacks or even a celestial resurrection.

What Kind of Story Will ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 Have?

Ava, a 19-year-old woman who is given a second chance at life, awakens in a morgue and is the subject of the movie “Warrior Nun.” She has a new heavenly duty as a result of her new existence, one that needs her to fight formidable forces from both heaven and hell.

Due to a significant plot twist, season one finished with an open ending. Adriel died after giving his halo to the Order to save her, and Ava took the choice to burn his ashes.

Ava was shocked to see that Adriel was still alive when she arrived to his grave. Adriel was found to be a demon who had stolen a halo in order to avoid capture.

In order to remove the halo and enlist the Knights Templar to fight beside him, he persisted with the angel act. It was revealed that Father Vincent had been misleading Ava and working with Adriel the entire time.

The series’ main focus is anticipated to be on Ava and her other nuns’ reactions to the notion that the Order was founded on fabrications. Now it’s up to them to figure out how to thwart Adriel’s evil plans.

Significant questions from season 1 like what happened to JC and where Michael went are still unanswered. We anticipate getting some answers in season 2. Thankfully, the showrunners have considered everything.

Warrior Nun Season 2: What to Expect

Fans of Warrior Nun yearned for more exciting action after the first season’s dramatic conclusion. It was revealed that the Order of the Cruciform Sword was nothing more than Adriel’s puppet army fighting the forces of Heaven.

Once he touches Ava, she learns who he really is. When he killed a Tarask monster that was pursuing him out of a demonic gateway, the original knights of the order mistook him for an angel. In the Vatican’s catacombs, Adriel had buried the halo within the first Warrior Nun, and by founding the Order, he had won Heaven’s protection.

Adrial attempts to retrieve the Order’s halo after emerging from his grave in order to further his evil plans. Shotgun Mary tried her best, but Adrial’s possessed soldiers overcame her, leaving Ava and the other sisters to take on Adrial and his small army of Wraith Demons.

In the upcoming season, Adriel will be fighting thanks to Ava and the Order. The powers of heaven may descend upon the Vatican as a result of the devil’s recent public revelation of himself, assisting the Order rather than opposing it.


Ava’s proficiency as the Warrior Nun is currently advancing, despite the fact that she is outclassed in terms of power.

If given enough time, Ava will probably be able to defeat Adriel and his demonic skills. The existence of the Order of the Cruciform Sword is untrue, that much is evident. Ava and the other sisters must therefore give it new significance.

There is also the issue of Father Vincent’s betrayal, which caused Sister Shannon to pass away. Enough said. If the girls seek spiteful retaliation against their former instructor, they might be committing a serious offence.


For the first 30 days, the series was the third-most watched TV programme on Netflix worldwide (July 6th to August 6th, 2020).

First and second place, respectively, went to Cursed and Dark Desire. Additionally, the series came in first on the charts for the entire month of July 2020, making it the most watched TV show worldwide.

The series was ranked sixth in the United States and fourth in the United Kingdom. The first weekend the show was available in the US, it debuted at number two, trailing only Unsolved Mysteries.

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